The Comics get Serious

by D. Aviva Rothschild SYNOPSIS: In 1050, in a village in Tibet, the boy Thopaga is born to a respected, well-to-do merchant family. However, when Thopaga is seven, his father dies. Thopaga is due to inherit when he attains manhood (age 15), but for now, control of the household passes to his uncle and aunt. The evil relations promptly turn Thogopa and his mother and sister into servants. When Thopaga finally turns 15, his mother gives a feast to reclaim his patrimony. However, the evil uncle and aunt claim the property for themselves, rejecting the father’s will. Infuriated, Thopaga’s mother

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‘We need to order this book’

A few weeks ago I was looking through the first issue of Tricycle and I came across a mention of The Magic Life of Milarepa, a comic book about the great 11th century Tibetan saint illustrated and written by Dutch artist Eva Van Dam. It had been many years since seeing a copy of the book or even having it cross my mind, but when I stumbled onto its brief mention in our Fall ’91 issue a flood of memories came rushing back to me. I all of a sudden realized that as a child, long before I had read

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